Music Video: Macklemore – BomBom

Stefani Paige asked me to help her realize a project that she was passionate about. I had worked with her before on the music video Someday for our mutual friend Jesse Santoyo. She pitched me her idea and together we worked out a story for the video.

We did this on a tiny budget and unfortunately, due to schedules, it ended up being pretty much just me and the actors making this– just about as skeleton a crew as you could have. We filmed at 6 primary locations over 3 days, including one evening running around downtown Nashville and one evening and one early morning in the woods. I think it turned out pretty good. We shot in 16:9 but ultimately decided to crop it to the wider 2.35:1,  to give it a more cinematic feel. Captured on a Canon 60D with a combination of Canon and Nikon prime lenses and lit with a combination of natural, tungsten, and florescent (Kino) lights.

It was submitted to an online contest hosted by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and while we did not win, we have ultimately won the court of popular opinion, because, with over a million and a half views, it has almost a million more than any other video for this song (including the winner and official video)– that’s still a win in my book 😉