Promo: Natalie Stovall – Kickstarter

A fun little project I shot and edited with Natalie Stovall and The Drive. Kickstarter videos are always a challenge, you want to keep them entertaining, but fill them with enough information to make an effective appeal. I think we struck a good balance helping communicate some important information and encouraging fans to participate.

The challenge in the video was to create 4 distinct environments for the band members and have each of them run through a script and we had to do it in a single apartment with only a few hours available. It was more difficult than it sounds, but luckily they had lots of concert posters to create interesting texture on walls and flubs in the dialog could be covered with cuts to different members of the band. It took a few edits to find the right balance between members, knowing that we wanted Natalie to deliver the largest part.

The campaign was incredibly effective, bringing in over 170% of the initial goal.